“They've adopted the intensity of rock and
punk and channeled it into their songs and tunes...their far-ranging influences enable them to see the common ground between folk, rock, punk and even jazz, and they draw from this common ground to create their unique sound.”
-No Depression

Water Tower update... Jun092015
Hey guys!

Thanks for sticking with us through the recording phase. We're now working on TWO records. That's right. All this time, you thought we were just soaking up the sun in Los Angeles, busking on the streets, and not making a record, eh? NOPE! Two records will be coming at you soon enough.

Also, we've been a little lax on updating dates on the website, but they'll all be up soon! We have June 17th at Mississippi Studios (next Wednesday) and also have July 11th at The Goodfoot! Plus, we have some L.A. dates coming up, etc. All the while we're down here in L.A. busking and finishing up one record, and when we're in Portland next we'll finish up the second record!

So, suffice to say, we're staying busy... and thank you for your patience. More information coming at you soon.


- Water Tower

Mississippi Studios on June 17th May292015


Water Tower will be back in Portland on June 17th at Mississippi Studios.  We hope to see you there!  New record, coming soon... we promise!  Actually, we're working on two records now, so there won't be such a delay in the future!


See you at Mississippi Studios, Portland!


- Water Tower

  Mississippi Pizza in Portland on May 15th (this Friday!) May122015


Hey guys!


Water Tower hits Portland on May 15th at Mississippi Pizza, before heading back to L.A. - and finishing our new, forthcoming record (thanks for being patient and waiting).


So, we'd love to see all your smiling faces on Friday, May 15th at Mississippi Pizza!


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