“They've adopted the intensity of rock and
punk and channeled it into their songs and tunes...their far-ranging influences enable them to see the common ground between folk, rock, punk and even jazz, and they draw from this common ground to create their unique sound.”
-No Depression

Limited Edition 7" Vinyl Pressing-Evangelist Records Mar032011


We are super excited about our limited run 7" double sided vinyl to be released this summer on Evangelist Records. Our new friend Lewis Durham of Kitty, Daisy and Lewis recorded us in the studio on his vintage 1940-50's recording equipment. The songs were recorded directly onto vinyl then transfered to 1/4 tape, and finally pressed onto single 78's and 45's. If you have never heard of Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis do check them out, they will rock your world http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxW3Ed7GrhQ


photos by: Flo Kohl  www.whatsupflo.com

UK Tour 2011 Begins! Feb. 24th-March 16th Feb232011

Back in the UK again...Our first show is in Bristol at the Old Duke on Thursday, February 24. This also happens to be Josh and Kenny's birthday-its gonna be a great big party

-For a full listing of our shows in England, Scotland, and Ireland check out the shows page.

see you there

  Freight & Salvage w/Crooked Jades + Frank Fairfield Feb232011


A Big thanks to Jeff Kazor and The Crooked Jades. We had an amazing time touring California and Playing @ the 12th annual SFBOT festival. We also got to meet the wonderful Frank Fairfield, a true relic of the 19th century. Thanks to all who came out to the Freight and Salvage on Sunday, we love you 


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